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Performance by Alyona Mamay (Kyiv).


The action comes against the backdrop of St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv. 

The organiser — artist Alyona Mamay, and 5 other participants. 

The participants hold improvised icons with images of Lesia Ukrainka, Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko and Mykhailo Drahomanov as well as a banner «For all the good and against all the bad» prepared by the «Shvemy» team. 

The organiser reads the text of the prayer, while other participants create noisy chants on the background. 

This action is a protest against right-wing violence. It also stands for the freedom of expression of students and those associated with the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, and the «Gender Club» at this university.


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