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«Rationalization» performance by Ani Zur (Kyiv), which took place at the opening of the «Educational Actions» exhibition.


The action takes place in the «Sklo» art space as part of the opening of the «Educational Actions» exhibition. The authorAni Zur.

The exhibition «Educational Actions» is an artistic reaction to violence, which is tolerated by default in a situation of political hypersensitivity. Since the beginning of 2018, there were more than a dozen attacks against cultural events and peaceful assemblies, committed by right-wing radical groups. And most of them were accompanied by police passivity. The exhibition was focused not only on a political terror and aggressive censorship posed by neo-Nazi groups but also on violence itself.

The «Sklo» art space was the centre of the «Gender Club», which was attacked. The «Sklo» art space is an educational and artistic platform of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.


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