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Performance by Sasha Vynnytska (Kyiv), shown at the «Days of Performance Art» in Lviv. Waldemar Tatarczuk School (Poland).


The action takes place on the roof of the Lviv Art Palace. The author —  Sasha Vynnytska. 

The author sits motionless throughout the whole performance. She has a sign that says, «Performance is what you are doing now, not me. When there are more camera flashes than sense — everything goes perfectly! Glory to the collective profanation of the intelligence! Life is the most honest performance. And not what I’m doing now».

«Days of Performance Art in Lviv » is the only performance art festival in Ukraine.

The School of Performance is an important part of the festival. This is a training ground, where participants can learn from the experience of reputable masters, and afterwards present their own projects.


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