MF 8:12

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Performance «MF 8:12» by Bohdan Moroz (Kyiv).


The action takes place on the premises of the «Steinbarg Gallery & Cafe» in Chernivtsi. The author — Bohdan Moroz.

«Until recently, I didn’t know that I grind my teeth when I sleep. A close person told me about it, and this news became very interesting to me. The understanding that my body, perhaps during many years, is doing something that I don’t know about, became the basis of the work. My personal goal was to imitate myself, imitate my body, even dramatize it to some extent. 

I immediately remembered Matthew 8:12. «The sons of the kingdom will be cast out into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth». Ukraine is in a stage of passive psychosis, as if everything it is anticipating something. So, gnashing of teeth is a proper metaphor for these times.

«Steinbarg Gallery & Cafe» is an art space founded in 2018 to represent contemporary art and support creative youth. Also, it is a concert venue for vocal and alternative performances.


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