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«Fitting» happening by Alyona Mamay and Bohdan Moroz.


The action takes place in an open space (in a quarry). The authors — Alyona Mamay (Kyiv) and Bohdan Moroz (Kyiv).

«A compatibility test. The fight for limited financial resources, promotion and survival is a goal that diminishes any age, gender or racial prejudices. The neutral territory of the «game», where the two have their own program, which transmits the role, function, purpose. Everyone, at their level, endlessly пlides, slides down, wallows, occupies another part of space. Rethinking of yourself as part of a hierarchy. The traditional values ​​of the patriarchal way of life unravel, exposing endless competition without the opportunity to straighten up and «quit the game». Fitting of duties, fitting of behaviour, fitting of a position, fitting of responsibility.»


Alyona Mamay, Bohdan Moroz


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