Voliazlovskyi Stas

Born in Kherson, October 14th, 1971, Stas finished Art School and Courses of Graphic Design. He took part in the activity of the R.E.P. union and Totem club.

Since 2000 Stas was an active participant of all-Ukrainian and foreign, personal and group exhibitions. 

Since 2007 the artist participated in international art fairs.

His personality and art had an impact on the art scene of Kherson as well as on contemporary art of Ukraine. The works of Voliazlovskyi can be found in gallery and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Stas worked in style which he defined as ‘shanson art’.

Both the artist and his style got well-known after Volodymyr Ovcharenko, the founder and director of the Regina gallery in Moscow, started collecting his works.

In 2011, Voliazlovskyi together with a web designer, Semen Khramtsov, founded a Rapany group. The group is named after mollusk which inhabits the Black Sea.  

The original manner of Stas Voliazlovskyi completely corresponds the atmosphere of provincial Kherson where he spent most of his life and the company of the art colleagues. It’s about directness, self irony, black humor, awkward funny occasions and gossips. A lot of things from daily life combined with horrors of ‘big world’ were realized in his works in rather grotesque form.

The works of Voliazlovskyi is a ‘stream of consciousness’ without filters, but with black humor and forbidden themes, reflection of the madness of the world around, human nature with all its shallowness and cruelty – gore, porno, criminality, politics, yellow press. The visual language of the artist absorbed naïve art, Russian lubok, demented ravings art.

The works of Stas were demonstrated at the exhibitions worldwide.

In 2010, the artist won the first prize at the international fine art competition and received Kazimir Malievich Artist Award.

Some of his works are kept in the collection of Cindy Sherman as well as in other private collections in Russia and abroad.

Stas Voliazlovskyi deceased 8 January 2018.

In 2019, the mother of Stas gave all his archive (360 units) to private collection of Grynyov Art Foundation.


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The project of Stas Voliazlovskyi (Kherson) in the "Karas Atelier» (Kyiv).