Shumylovych Bohdan

Historian and culturologist, Project Manager of Public History of the Centre of City History, Assistant Professor of Culturology Department in Ukrainian Catholic University
Bohdan Shumylovych graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts, History and Art Theory faculty; received Master’s degree at Central-European History at Central-European University, Historical faculty (Budapest, Hungary); has the Certificate of Completion of Art Management program, Internship program of young professionals at George Washington University (Washington DC, USA); is the Doctor of Philosophy at Department of History and Civilization, and at European University Institute (Florence, Italy).
The area of his study is media history and media art as well as visual studios and art of 1980s.
Bohdan Shumylovych lives and works in Lviv.


about art life in the city of the 1980s

The text of the Lviv archivist, Bubo Shults (Lviv), about art life in the city of the 1980s.