Riabchenko Vasyl

Vasyl Riabchenko was born in Odesa, in 1954.
In 1978, he graduated Grekov Odesa Art School.
In 1993, Vasyl continued his education at K.D. Ushynskyi Odesa Pedagogical Institute, the Art and Graphics faculty. He communicated with Valentyn Khrushch — the key figure of Odesa underground of the second part of the 20th century.
In Odesa, together with Oleksandr Roitburd, Sergii Lykov and Olena Nekrasova he founded the artistic group which was included into so-called ’new wave’ of Ukrainian art.
In 1990, the group participated in Babylon exhibition in Moscow (organized by Marat Gelman).
In 1996, the artist organized the Art Laboratory production group.
He prefers intuitive art and appeals to avoidance of conflict in life.
Vasyl Riabchenko works with fine art, graphics, collages, photography, installation; architecture considers his second nature.
The artist lives and works in Odesa.


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Vasyl Riabchenko (Odesa) about the country, critique and Odesa.