Podolchak Ihor

Artist, director, scriptwriter, producer and curator.
Born in Lviv in 1962, Ihor Podolchak graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts, the Interior Space and Equipment Design faculty, in 1984. He studied together with Oleh Tistol, Pavlo Kerestey and Mykola Matsenko.
Since 1981 Ihor explored the language of classical fine art and such graphic techniques as etching, aquatint, engraving, intaglio print, blind embossing and drypoint print. Quite often the artist combined these techniques.
In the late 1980s — early 1990s, Podolchak started working with various art forms and genres: fine art, graphics, photography, video art, actionism. Since the early 1990s he’s worked with photography, carried out actions and performances and in the late 1990s he took up video art (The Last Cantata).
In 1991 in Lviv together with Roman Viktiuk and Ihor Diurych he founded the Masoch Fund art association the activity of which appeals to traditions of European actionism and conceptualism and is in close contact with social, political and economical problems of society, maximally activates the role of viewers. Podolchak and Diurych are claimed to be the masters of perfectly thought-out epatage.
Together with Ihor Duirych was the author of development of the image components for political election campaigns in Ukraine, in particular, the election of the President of Ukraine (L. Kuchma, 1999).
Ihor lives and works in Kyiv, Lviv and Lodz.


The conversation with Ihor Diurych (Prague) and Andrii Taranenko (Kyiv) about Lviv at the end of 1980s.