Pavlov Viktor

Born in Odesa in 1947, Viktor Pavlov graduated from the Painting and Pedagogic department of Grekov Odesa Art School.
He belonged to the group of the Sixtiers, began from the apartment exhibitions in Odesa, lived and worked in Moscow.
Viktor cooperated with Valentyn Khrushch and had a number of exhibitions at the Bieliaievo-100 gallery.
In his art he uses mythological subjects, studies religious works and gets inspired with history and art of the ancient times; paints in watercolors and acts in films.
Since 2007 Viktor Pavlov cooperates with the NT-Art gallery and takes part in projects curated by Anatolii Dymchuk.
Viktor is a member of Association of European Visual Artists.


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Viktor Pavlov (Odesa) about himself, love for people and painting.