Maryniuk Viktor

Ukrainian artist, painter, graphic artist.
Born in the Kazavchyn village (Kirovograd region), in 1939, Viktor Maryniuk graduated from Grekov Odesa Art School in 1967. The reviewer of his graduation work was Yurii Yegorov.
Viktor was a member of the group of young non-conformist artists, whose activity defined the new movement in visual arts of Odesa in the 1960s.
Viktor Maryniuk is one of the founders of the «Choven» artistic group (1993) and the «Mamai» art association (1998). As well, he participated in apartment exhibitions not limited to Odesa.
Since 1967 the artist has exposed his works at informal exhibitions in Odesa and Moscow.
In the early 1970s, he created a number of works in which the important for an artist concept of color and light was formed.
Viktor was the participant of the informal Contemporary Art from Ukraine exhibition (Munich — London — Paris — New York, 1979).
In the early ’80s, he took up sculpture, created a number of monumental and decorative works, in particular, murals on the Book Center on Derybasivska Street, painting on the plafond at the Palace of Students and 22 stained glass artworks.
Viktor Maryniuk lives and works in Odesa.


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Viktor Maryniuk (Odesa) about the academicism and studies.