Lukin Mykola

Painter, graphic artist, author of objects and installations
Born in Odesa in 1988, Mykola Lukin finished Grekov Odesa Art School (Painting and Pedagogic department, professors Kovalenko, S. Lykholit, O. Kuchynska, O. Logvin) and completed his education at K.D. Ushynskyi South Ukrainain National Pedagogical University, Painting and Graphics faculty (professors O. Nedoshytko, S. Lozovskyi, O. Tokarieva).
Mykola has taken part in exhibitions since 2000s.
The artist works mainly in painting and graphics, at times turns to objects and installations. He focuses on the area of intimate existential feelings that are realized in figurative compositions.
Mykola Lukin is a professor of Grekov Odesa Art School.
He lives and works in Odesa.


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The series of Mykola Lukin (Odesa) new works.