Lisovskyi Oleksandr

Born in Odesa in 1959, Oleksandr Lisovskyi graduated from the Painting and Pedagogic department of Grekov Odesa Art School (1979).
Since 1983 he has had his exhibition activity.
In 1990, Oleksandr had his first solo exhibition in Gothenburg (Sweden), the next one was in 1991, in Denmark.
In the ’80s after experiments with abstract art he turned to still-life on paper using coal, emulsion color, watercolor and mixture of them. As well, the artist started to work on objects in pop art style.
Between 1988 and the 1990s, Oleksandr belonged to the Bieliaievo creative group (Moscow).
He worked together with Valentyn Khrushch, the friendship with whom had a considerable impact on the painter’s vision and art.
Oleksandr Lisovskyi was a member of the TOKH creative group (1986).
The artist uses the techniques of watercolor, gouache, oil painting and also, he creates collages and assemblages. In his works, Oleksandr combines the lines of the Ukrainian coloristic landscape, graphic search inspired by West-European modernism and ‘boxes’ – fanciful objects that include collages and creative reflections on different cultural phenomena.
The aesthetics of ancient photos appeals to the artist, his assemblages are completed with real household items which transform into the artistic objects in context of the work.
Oleksandr Lisovskyi lives and works in Odesa.


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The object created by Oleksandr Lisovskyi (Odesa).