Lavrenko Anatolii

Anatolii Lavrenko was born in the Savyntsi village (Myrgorod district, Poltava region) in 1957.

Anatolii started his education at the primary boarding school and after four-year study changed it to Poltava boarding school №2 where he spent the following 4 years.

When he was in the sixth form everyone admitted that he draws better than anyone else and Anatolii was admitted to Poltava Art School.

After the eighth form he entered the Kharkiv Art College to be a teacher of arts and drawing. After that Anatolii served at the military in Kyiv for 2 years and worked as an interior decorator in the Yabluchkov Academy.

The artist applied to Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry but wasn’t admitted.

After having a number of side jobs Anatolii moved to Crimea, Bakhchisarai. There, he worked for two years at the Crimea Art Combine as an interior decorator. 

Anatolii worked in Novi Sanzhary near Poltava as an interior decorator, next in Myrgorod, after that he moved to Poltava and worked there at Art and Industry Combine.

Parallel to all jobs he continued painting at his studio.

In 1981, the works of Anatolii Lavrenko were exhibited the first time at “molodiozhka” (Exhibition of young artists in Kyiv) and this way his exhibition activity started.

The artist doesn’t have higher education, lives and works in Poltava.


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Anatolii Lavrenko (Poltava) about painting and color.