Kovach Pavlo Sr

Artist, curator, painter, graphic artist, performer, teacher, member of the Pop Trans group and museum studio of Pavlo Bedzyra
Born in the Svoboda village (Beregove region, Zakarpattia) in 1959, Pavlo Kovach graduated from Uzhgorod College of Applied Art, the Department of Metal Art. Studied from Vasyl Petretskyi, Ivan Masniuk, Shandor Petki, Yosyp Pal and other famous artists of Zakarpattia.
In 1978, Pavlo got acquainted with Pavlo Bedzir – an avant-garde artist, master of abstract art and dissident. This meeting had significant effect on artistic development of the young painter. So, Pavlo regards Bedzira as his teacher.
Pavlo Kovach has had his exhibition activity since 1984.
Between 1989 and 2002, he worked as a teacher of art at Uzhgorod Gymnasium.
In 1998, Pavlo became a member of the Pop Trans artistic group where explores in his study interconnections between the aesthetics of totalitarian Soviet culture and the heritage of Western pop culture.
Since 2002 Pavlo Kovach does reconstruction and restoration works.
In 2003, he founded the informal Korydor gallery which united the artists, musicians and writers with non-traditional forms of expression.
In 2009, the artist initiated the first award of Pavlo Bedzir Prize.
In 2016, he founded Museum Studio of Pavlo Bedzir with the library started by Bedzir. Here held meetings with artists, presentations of projects, portfolio, reviews and discussions, events and exhibitions.
Pavlo Kovach works in painting, installation, performance, video and admits that he doesn’t work in a single style, he positively treats all the forms of art and highly appreciates the inner freedom of a creator.
Pavlo lives and works in Uzhgorod.


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Performance by Pavlo Kovach Sr. (Uzhhorod), shown at the "VIII Days of Performance Art" in Lviv.