Dulfan Dmytro

Dmytro Dulfan was born in 1971 in Odesa in family of the artist.
Between 1986 and 1990 he studied at Grekov Odesa Art School.
Since 1990 Dmytro has started his artistic activity as a painter, performer and graphic artist.
Since 1992, Dulfan is a member of the Ukrainska Khvylia (Ukrainian Wave) movement. As a junior inspector he took part in the Medical Hermeneutics artist collective (Moscow).
In 1993, he took part in the Playhouse performance (Moscow) that initiated long-lasting cooperation between Dmytro and the conceptualist, Arkadii Nasonov (Moscow).
In 1994, Dmytro founded the psychedelic space named The Laboratory of Light and Sense, having provided the space of a workshop in Odesa for experiments of artists from different countries.
Since the early 1990s, Dmytro Dulfan has worked on light installation models. Using fluorescent lamps, paper, cloth, neon, cellophane, mirrors and various «alchemist» equipment like retorts, tubes, coils, he achieves unexpected optic effects.
The artist is the member of Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Odesa.
Since 1999, Dmytro has cooperated with the Regina gallery (Moscow).
Since 2000 he works separately in glam punk style and designs space ships, experiments with fine art, plastic and porcelain.


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MITEC visiting Dmytro Dulfan (Odesa).