Dovhasenko Vitalii

Artist, designer, member of Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece (EETE) since 2006
For more than 20 years Vitalii lived and worked in Greece. He belonged to the group of artists who developed the project of unique monastery restoration in Peloponnesus (Greece).
His early works were close to realism, the artist experimented with futurism learning authentic futurists, worked in neorealism and also academism.
At present, Vitalii works in associative art. The theme is a human as aesthetical and philosophical object.
One of the central series is A Blue Line – huge project including 17 paintings which were created between 2000 and 2004 in Athens. In the series, the artist realized the theme of a woman, reflections about making love and love itself. The series are based on the contrast of the red and blue where the blue line is the male principle, love, and the shades of red is extensional female world.
Vitalii Dovhasenko lives and works in Ternopil.


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MITEC visiting Vitalii Dovhasenko (Ternopil).