Diurych Ihor

Artist, producer, campaign manager.
Ihor Duirych was born in Dnipro, in 1959.
In 1991, together with Ihor Podolchak and Roman Viktiuk Ihor became a co-founder of the Masoch Fund art association. Its activity being in close contact with social, political and economical problems of society appeals to traditions of European actionism and conceptualism, maximally activates the role of viewers. Podolchak and Diurych are claimed to be the masters of perfectly thought-out epatage.
During the period between 1994 and 2004, Ihor was the co-author of all actions of Masoch Fund in Ukraine.
Since 1996, he has worked on developing of campaign strategies.
Together with Ihor Podolchak, Ihor Diurych developed the image components for political election campaigns in Ukraine, in particular, the election of the President of Ukraine (L. Kuchma, 1999).
Ihor lives and works in Kyiv and Praha.


The conversation with Ihor Diurych (Prague) and Andrii Taranenko (Kyiv) about Lviv at the end of 1980s.