Biba Serhii

Born in the Kushytsia village (Irshavskyi region, Zakarpattia) in 1966, Serhii Biba studied at the studio of Zoltan Bakonii in Uzhgorod.
Serhii is the follower of the Zakarpattia School of Painting. He was a member the informal artistic group named Live Oko (1988) the activity of which concentrated on the search for new forms in art.
The artistic trend preferred by the artist is mainly avant-garde. He works in painting, graphics and installation; experiments with form, colors, texture and remains in the state of artistic search for new techniques and ways of self-expression. In his compositions prevail geometric colorful shapes and semi-abstract forms. Quite often Sergii intentionally avoids naming his works not to limit the viewers in their feelings and understanding of what they see.
Serhii Biba lives and works in Uzhgorod.


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MITEC visiting Serhii Biba (Uzhhorod).