Aksinin Oleksandr

Graphic artist, one of the brightest representatives of Lviv non-conformism.
Born in Lviv in 1949, Oleksandr Aksinin graduated from Fedorov Ukrainian Printing Institute in 1972.
Since 1974 he worked as a commercial artist at the Planning and Design Office of the Ministry of Light Industry.
In 1977 Oleksandr left official job for good and completely dedicated his life to art. The residence of Aksinin and his wife, writer and artist, Engelina (Gelia) Buriakovska (1944-1982) became one of the centers of Lviv underground art, where the first apartment exhibitions were held.
In the 1980sm he organized a few apartment exhibitions in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg, Russia).
Since the mid 1970s the artist worked in the technique of etching. For the unique gift at graphic Aksinin was called ’Lviv Dürer’.
Oleksandr and Gelia were tightly bound with underground of Moscow and Leningrad. Among the co-thinkers of Aksinin were Dmitrii Prigov, Viktor Krivulin, Illia Kabakov, Oskar Rabin, Eduard Gorokhovskyi, Vsevolod Nekrasov, Genrikh Sapgir.
Aksinin also was a close friend of artists from the Baltics, mainly, with the Estonian graphic artist Tõnis Vint, Stasys Eidrigevicius, Vello Vinn, Mare Vint and Volodymyr Makarenko. Aksinin kept in touch with the Polish artists Stanislav Fialkovsky, Andrzej Strumiłło, Wojciech Jakubowski.
Oleksandr was awarded with Gold Medals at the Small Graphic Forms exhibition in Lodz (Poland 1979, 1985).
In 2015 the Boschiana etching series by Oleksandr Aksinin were included in the permanent exhibition of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in Hertogenbosch (Netherlands).
The 3rd of May, 1985, on his way back from Tallin, Oleksandr Aksinin deceased in a plane crush above Zolochiv not far from Lviv.
The artist lived and worked in Lviv.


about art life in the city of the 1980s

The text of the Lviv archivist, Bubo Shults (Lviv), about art life in the city of the 1980s.